"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

Edgar Degas

Our Mission

The Commission advises the Mayor, City Council and any bureau or department of the City in matters concerning the fine arts; maintain and further the fine arts in Bethlehem; exert leadership in the field of fine arts (as defined by the Commission) by informing the community of cultural groups and organizations active in Bethlehem and of cultural events taking place in Bethlehem;

Rotunda Gallery Shows

October Rotunda Exhibit
Maciek Albrecht
MaGik Animation Studios 
Birdman CARD 

About Us

The Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission advises the City of Bethlehem in matters concerning fine arts, including maintaining and furthering fine arts [the arts] in Bethlehem; and encouraging a cooperative cultural enterprise in the community. The Commission offers a broad selection of exhibitions, education programs, public festivals and events, all with community involvement in the forefront of involvement.